(♚ ; pride.)

indie roleplay for ishida uryu.
established on april 27th, 2014.

typist goes by eli, & prefers to be spoken to using male pronouns.

selective to a degree and mostly roleplays with mutuals.

main story arc is set post time-skip, but isn't against revisiting the start of bleach + crossovers.

blog is not spoiler free, but those are tagged with: #bleach spoilers.

operates on the EDT timezone.

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Without getting into the super cliches of follow forevers, I do want to start off by thanking you guys. Every single one of you. For not only welcoming into the fandom with open arms, but expressing your peaked interest in this character, due to my writing; it’s extremely flattering and makes me feel so appreciated. I know this is just a count, just a number, and while I know roleplaying isn’t about popularity, I do need you guys to know how much I cherish your company! It’s almost a bit of a pat on the back for myself, in terms of my confidence. (: So thank you, for being with me all this time! To old, and to new, you all have a special place in my heart.

                          special shout-outs ———

eldirexto / tripledshot ; blxxdthirstyrxkkas ; nerierui / souvereinxue / xhighbeams ; uozxmxntis ; trespadacinisxcineris ; humanityshopesinglasses / aizxnourxvoicekyumei ; bloodredbitch / hellbentxsurvivor.

                    kawaii koala tea baes ———

unchainably ; mubouna ; lunaeterea; mogars / shieldcaphushedillusion ; organdoom ; cambixn ; cuarrto ; kiraahachi ; black-bladed ; h-e-i-k-a ; erkiengill ; ekragei ; princeps-aeterna ; candysensei ; patereius ; kyoki-no-keshin ; devilllish ; rxngiku ; ichimxru ; jiishin ; snxw-queenderangedexistence ; coeurcourageuxx ; digital-missiles / thoumeaux ; brennuvargur ; laimargia ; lampxrd ; gewxlle ; r-y-u-s-e-n-k-agigixgewelle ; die-macht ; eaxsolis ; eisheiliige ; lxppi ; fingerheater ; sollertis ; madkxng ; halbmetall ; alle-brennen ; svikinnar ; grxmaniel ; ochelarii ; grimmjxwkenpxchi ; inebrixte ; ichxgo ; pulchraossa ; paleae-hat ; arisaxa ; vrontisei ; rapusodosu ; oni-analyst ; xaoli ; berrykurosaki ; edhelernil ; notquincy ; iustitiacaecaest ; playym8; vanoreyofbluebloodedquincyheritage.

Some of you I have interacted with, some of you I haven’t, but I really want to! So prepare yourself for an invasion of your askboxes soon! Also! Please bear in mind, none of these are in any sort of order, and I probably forgot someone. I apologize!

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